A Waterford Seascape | Sunset over Sheep Island – Waterford Ireland

“Give light and people will find the way” ~ Ella Baker

I am, without doubt, in love with the stunning Copper Coast. It is like a candy store for me, full of rugged coastline, rough-edge cliffs, sea-stacks, and little islands standing close to shore. Oh and sea-stacks… did I mention the sea-stacks? 🙂

This image is from one of the many easily accessible coves dotted around the coastline, called Caher Cove. Captured this time last year during a beautifully calm sunset, it shows Sheep Island in the background. I cannot wait to get back to the Copper Coast, and will be co-leading a Workshop with Athena in April. Why not join us and book your place.

An Antrim Seascape | Morning’s Light over Ballycastle – Antrim, Ireland

Morning's Light over Ballycastle

“Ideas are one thing and what happens is another.” ~ John Cage

I cannot believe we are only 5 months from Light, Land & Sea’s first Photographic Tour, to the stunning Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland. On May 31st Athena Carey & I will be collecting our guests from Dublin Airport and sweeping them off to spend 6 days photographing along the beautiful Co. Antrim coastline. You can find out all you need to know over on Light, Land & Sea’s June 2015 Photographic Tour page.

This image was captured during our September trip while we were finalising all the details with our Hotel, Executive Coach Company and Blue Badge Guide. I took this during a somewhat changeable morning where we had a beautiful soft sunrise followed very quickly by some heavy rain clouds sweeping in, making for some dramatic skies. This old Fisherman’s Pier is just one of the exciting locations on our tour, and I am really looking forward to returning to shoot it again in a few months. Will you be joining us?